Well, long time not seen right?


// At the end of June i was a week in London just for myself. I enjoyed it very much!





// Little english cottages are the best!


// Days in the nature are good for body and soul. But mostely for the soul


// Still trying to eat healthy and fresh. But some day I just need a hamburger or a pizza.


// My ponytail but not on my head. Looks pretty awkward.


// And that is what happend! Needed a fresh start and a haircut! Feels like heaven!



According to my IPhone pictures


// Beautiful free morning after my Birthday,  snoozing in bed and enjoy a cup of good coffee


// Did a baking day with some friends the other sunday. It was such a funny day!
// First selfmade chocolate cake for my Birthday. Omnomnom!


// Scarfs! I love Scarfs! Maybe that’s why I like fresh weather the most.
// I have an advent calendar every year. This year two. And with the one my lovely boyfriend made, even three! 😀

I enjoyed a very good birthday yesterday. If the year goes on like it was yesterday, it’ll probably be my best year so far!

Happy advent to everyone!


valendji autumn-essentials-finishedMY FALL TO DO LIST

// Go for at least one run a week in the forest
// Drink a lot of good coffee and hot milk with honey or chocolate
// Make a new tradition with friends: eat venison in a forest-restaurant (✓)
// Buy some really fluffy socks for cold evenings
// Pumpkin my room (✓)
// Buy at least one time a week at the farmers market in the city center
// Never ever take the bus! Enjoy the fresh (!) air
// Try a new but typical fall recipe
// Learn to knit
// Feel good!


My dear forest

I don’t know how you do it, but you make me happy.
You clean my mind until I’m free from every bad thought.
When I take a walk on your paths, there is placidity.
When I take a run through your trees, there is pure joy.
Thanks to every forest out there.
Without you, it would be damn hard.


Having a pensive day today about whats significant in life and whats not… at all. Interisting thoughts cross my mind. It is important to find out what works for you.
And thats why I go for a run right now. Sometimes we should just do what makes us happy.
Go for it!


When there are no more vacation days and money to make a trip or a big holiday, you have to discover your own country. Many people all over the world come to see Switzerland, but it’s always another feeling when you really live there. You have your own problems and trouble. No matter where you live. But when I go for a hike, take a ride on a boat or run into the forest, I see the pure beauty and appreciate it very much!


Today we went for a shipping on the “Thunersee”. Enjoy the sun and eating ice cream, whats better for a sunday at the end of september?

I wish you a good start in the week.
The next weekend will hopefully come very soon!

Art from Teagan White

I would like to introduce you the wonderful world from Teagan White. Her Art feels like a hot chocolate in the Autumn. So warming!
Shop her on and have a look at her website
I could buy… like… EACH of her peaces!



Autumn is here!
The leafs aren’t colored yet, but there are so many other things about September I really enjoy:


Spicy Roasted Cashews


2 lbs Raw Cashews

¼ cup Extra Virgin Oil

1 Tbl Finely Chopped Fresh Rosemary

1 Tbl Salt

2 tsp Hot Paprika

2 tsp Cracked Black Pepper


Preheat your oven to 200°C

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Spread the raw cashews out over the baking sheet one layer thick (not any thicker).

Bake for approximately 7-9 minutes or until they’re slightly golden brown. Your nose will be able to tell you when they’re ready.

In a small saucepan, melt the oil.

Turn the heat to low and add the seasonings.

When the cashews are finished in the oven, transfer them to a large bowl, pour in the oil and stir until all the nuts are evenly coated.

Serve warm in a bowl.

Time: 15 minutes

Sweaters and Longarmshirt!


I really like the change in the weather. The cold fresh air and the wind in my hair.
And it’s the season for new Jumpers, Sweathers ans Longsleevepullovers. Time for some shopping!
I’m really into ESprit and edc right now. Good value and quality!

Milk, Cookies and Granola!


How I love Milk!
How I love Granola!
How I love Cookies!
And Autumn makes this 3 things even better!
I really enjoy a cup of hot milk with a spoon of honey or a bit chocolate.
It gives you very sweet dreams when you take one before go to bed!
These are just some little Autumn things…

At the moment, Autumn feels like dark blue. But I know, as soon as the leafs start coloring themselfs, everythings feels orange, brown and red! Really looking forward for October!

Happy Autumn everybody!



Hello September
Welcome back!
I really missed you and I’m glad you are back.
It’s nice to know, that your pleasent fresh air is back very soon.
I’m looking forward to see your colorful dress and smell the unmistakable scent.
The days with you in the nature, especially in the forest, are wonderful!
Hello September.
Welcome back!



I had some really bad luck this summer.
First, the very bad stomach flue and right after that I broke my leg.
During this time, some mad man burgled in my home.
Now, 9 weeks later, my foot is back on the track, my home is clean again and I see a light on the horizon.

The last 9 weeks where a challenge for me.
Of course it was kind a nice to stay at home and don’t have to go to work.
But mostly it was just sad and I was alone.

BUT I could do at least some things I couldn’t if that had not happened.
I met a lot of the people I have not seen in years and there where a lot of good
and lovely moments with them. I’m very thankful for that!

And there is another thing about the accident.
I learned how much I love it to walk, hike and even run!
I started to jog again, although I used to hate it.
Sometimes life’s funny in an very ironic way.

Tomorrow I go back to work.
I don’t look back. I just want to have and see good times, and maybe buy some flowers.



I could only laugh.
My stomach went well and I finally can enjoy my life and I do it!
But then, I was on my way to the river to swim with a friend.
And what happened?
I’ve broken my foot!

I could only laugh.
I have been missing a month at work just recently.
And now I hobble around with a plaster and crutches and and will be away from work for at least two weeks. My boss had to laugh too…

But it’s interesting to see how difficult the everyday life is now!
kinda exciting although laboriously.


Hope you’re well. Enjoy every day! It’s summertime!


I’m back at work but I’m so full of summer feelings and energy that I have to do something every evening.
I relieved some friendships in my holidays and now, I meet them as much as possible. If we sit in the garden and drink a beer, enjoy the sun an jump in the river, we have so much fun together. The second one is my absolutely favorite and I did it a lot in the last few days.

Here in Bern you have the perfect wide and turquoise river.
The flow is very strong at the moment but it’s so much fun.


How much I love this city!

It was the perfect start in the summer and it goes on! Enjoy every minute of it!


I had an amazing day with my good friend.
She is such a wonderful, crazy, lovely women and it’s always a great time! We hiked to a castle from Basel, Switzerland to Lörrach, Germany in about 4 hours. The weather was pleasant changeable and and even if I forget the sun cream, I only burned my neck (and a few brain cells).

It’s always wonderful to see people you can’t meet very often.


What about you? Maybe there is a person you should meet again and just have a good time. go for it!


I enjoy my holiday as much as I can.
Last week, we went to a wonderful little canyon which impressed me a lot. It was like a magical place very near to a big city.


A nice birthday party in the mountains with family and a lot of new faces was the perfect saturday evening. (To) Much to eat, drink and be happy about.

The lazy sunday gave me the possibility to read a whole book in a day. I don’t know when I was able to do this the last time. Wonderful!

Happy new week everybody! Let’s make the best of it!


My holidays started very well and I’m enjoying every minute of it.
I was a bit too hasty with the food, which caused me a lot of pain. I always think, ah, there’s no pain at the moment, means everything is good, let’s try some sweets. Should it know better… But you’ll come to a point you just really want to eat something you couldn’t for weeks. If I had not to eat, everything would be ok.

But I used the passed two day’s to catch up with my family.
First, my father. I could not resist and shopped by a chocolatier to buy the favorit sweets of my father.


Of course I ate some of them and you already know what happened.
But we had a wonderful evening together and i slept over to have a lovely and healthy brunch today in the morning.

In the afternoon I had the change to meet my grandmother.
We have not seen each other for a very long time but it was just wonderful and emotional.
After this day, I was full of good energie and went to my yoga course which could not tame me.

It’s so lovely to know that there are people who stand by your side and distract.
I’m very thalkful these days!

Enjoy your evening!


I start my holidays with a good feeling. I’ve a lot of plans with the best people.
Starting with a Sushi date with my love today.


I had Sushi for about two times before in life, but it was great! Fish is so delicious and we should eat it much more because it’s so healthy. Here in Switzerland, it’s more like a luxury food. Of course, you can eat it everywhere, but we are more a meat nation.

In the evening I can go to an extra hour of yoga in my course ( only can do this when I’m not working ). Looking forward to it!


Right now, I’m sitting on the couch and drink the first coffee since one month. Tastes kinda strange. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’ll leave it again. Tea is my new coffee 🙂 Good idea, let’s make some tea.

Happy Monday to everyone!


I’m back in my normal life! Wuhu! I already ate too much and regretted it immediately.
But I will not longer stay at home and finally enjoy my holidays.

Went to a very nice restaurant in my hometown with my girls. A lot of girlstalk and goooooood tea. Look at this!


You become an hourglass for the perfect passing time. The whole tea set is just adorable and you get a muffin to EVERY new tea. I ate like 4 of them and can’t move right now, but it was worth it!

It was the perfect day for my soul. Not for my body, but certainly for my soul!

Have a wonderful weekend!

DAY 10

Yay, it’s a creative day today!



2013-05-31 14.52.21

That is an VERY easy way to make a board in your favorite colors. Just take a stable paper and use these wonderful tapes you can buy in nearly every store these days. I used a knife for the endings. Voila, that’s it! Would be nice in a frame too!

I felt very bad in the morning and started drawing.
And that’s what happened:


A lot of black and white. Sometimes I like that a lot!

These two projects together lasted about three hours. Three hours in which I could forget everything around me. Like that feeling!


I finally got rid of the antibiotic and what happens? I’m even more tired than before!
I wanted to do much today, but I can hardly keep awake. What a strange feeling!

( Picture by Ryan James Caruthers )

I hope that I have more power in the evening. I want to start a writing project.

Have a good day everyone!


I’m getting really productive over here.
I continued with my book album project with some cards and situations that mean a lot to me.

2013-05-29 12.52.30 2013-05-29 12.52.53 2013-05-29 12.53.21
Another project is the Happiness Box

2013-05-29 12.51.52
Which is inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book ” The Happiness Project “. There are many little books in which you can write your goals, your dreams, things about wellbeing and gratitude. It helps to reflect yourself and see what you really need from life.
At the same time I have redecorated the wall above my bed. There are now hanging quotes and colors that make me happy when I look at it. It might look better with some frames, but I’m kind of a “pure” lover.

2013-05-29 12.49.40
Aaaaand last but not least, I have to start writing again. Really, I mean it! Look what I found in my favorite store

2013-05-29 12.50.37
2013-05-29 12.51.08
A empty book with the name ” my first novel “. It’s on the top of my to do list now. And I will start by the end of this week with a minimum of 5 sites. Of course you have to mindmap and all these things and it’s more a doodle book than the “real” book at the end. But it could help me to finally do it. The ideas are there!

How about the stomach? It’s getting better now. I can eat a normal portion of food without loosing it immediately. The pains are less and I can sleep normal again. Just the power is not back yet. But I start with the Vitamin and revitalizing cure right now and hope the best. Its a bit tedious to have to sleep all the time because you have no more power. I have to stay at home until the end of the week.

What about you? Any projects at the moment?
Have a great day!


Day 6 starts with a big surprise. It’s a wonderful sunny day!
I had to take a walk in the sun. 1 hour later, I decided to move on my balcony.
Now, I’m sitting here with an old children’s book of mine and I hope that the pains in my stomach disappear.

A colleague called and gave me some good words. It’s so nice and I’m so thankful for such great work colleagues! A big thank you to all of you!

I try to meditate every day and it helps a lot! But not for a long time.


Hoping all of you can catch a little sunshine wherever you are at the moment!



Things went difficult over here. The pains are better now and today was the first day I ate something and managed to keep it in my stomach the whole day. Hooray!
But the medication is difficult to handle. My moods are terrible and I waver between deep sadness and gratitude. I sleep a lot and I’m having trouble to concentrate and I am totally exhausted.
No chance to enjoy the extra “free days”.

But I have to cheer me up und tried a bath with a good book.
It was the best moment today except waking up next to my love.



Lying in bed gets me good. I suddenly have creative ideas.

Take an old book you like. I brought this old copy of winnie the pooh because I really loved it as a child. There are so many true quotes in this book I understand now in a different way then as a child. And now, craft! Stick pictures, phrases, memories and play with paragraphs or illustrations in the book. It’s so much fun and it looks just like a piece of art.
This will be my new project. Yay!


I already love it. What about you? Do you have sort of an album to keep your memories?


Day three in my bed and try to make the best of it.
Yesterday, I was finally able to read this one children’s book that I wanted for so long.
And it was absolutely lovely! These two hours were the best of the day. I’m so happy I have the second book as well 🙂 I’ll start it today I think.
If you wonder now, I’m a children’s bookseller. These books are kind of a passion of mine!



Now it looks like “ahhh how comfortable”.
Nope! Still can’t keep track of what I ate and the pains are terrible.
But a good book can take the pains away. Even for a couple of minutes, thats a win win situation!

If you wonder whats the second book in the picture:

It follows the story of Diana Bishop, a historian who comes from a long line of witches, and Matthew Clairmont, a long-lived vampire as they unlock the secrets of an ancient manuscript. Diana and Matthew travel back in time to 16th century London during the Elizabethan era. Shadow of Night was praised for its blend of history with fantasy.
I really had enough from fantasy books a long time. But this one has been recommended to me so many times that I had to read it and it’s fantastic! There is so much historical background, I learned a lot.

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I have to read another children’s book 🙂

Have a great day and enjoy the little things around you!


I’ve managed to get some air today. I can’t lie in my bed for two weeks permanently.
So, I went outside for 30 minutes and had no more power left. On my way back home, I crossed a supermarket with maaany beautiful flowers, but I had no money in my pocket.
Thats why I have to post some flower art from Amber Alexander.
Need some color.




It’s pretty gloomy here.
The spring will not come.
How about a little light in here.
How about yellow and gold.

Yellow is a happy and uplifting color. It can also be associated with intellectual thinking: discernment, memory, clear thinking, decision-making and good judgment. Also aiding organization, understanding of different points of view. Yellow builds self-confidence and encourages optimism.


All pictures are from


A month ago, I wrote about time and how stressful life can be.
Now my body has definitely forced me to take a break. My stomach problems get worse and I have to take some really bad medicine for a couple of weeks.
My body forces me to be quiet and I have some time to think about.
Think about my health, about free time and what to do with it.
Now I have time to read that special book, I have time to meditate, time to write.
Of course accompanied by terrible stomach pains.
And I have to straighten my soul as well.
This unexpected break could bring my life back into balance and energy.

Thank god I have such lovely people around me who help me with this! Thank you all!


Today I feel kind a blue. Trying to come down.

I wish you all a good day with nice people around you. Enjoy every minute with them!

(All pictures found on


Today is a holiday and I made no strict plans. The idea was to enjoy the day and just do whatever I want to do.

So at first – sleepover and cuddle in bed.
After that, I ate breakfast for lunch and made yoga for an hour.
The temptation to lie down in front of the TV was very big, but I put on my shoes and walked to the forest.
Ahhhw how I love this forest. These colors and the smell…

IMG_20130509_140546 IMG_20130509_141125 IMG_20130509_141205 IMG_20130509_140715 IMG_20130509_141140 IMG_20130509_140340

Next on the list is a realxing bath with a good book. It’s raining now, perfect for a bath 🙂
Just everything i can’t do when i have to work.

Ahh, I like this holiday. So much energie for body and soul.


I think a lot about time at the moment.
I work five to six days a week and always think about the next day, the next week or even the next view hours.
But I never think of the moment I experience right now.
I’m always stressed.

When I have my day off and time for myself, I want do as much as I can. Too much.
Sometimes I think, life is too short to work all the time. I have to reduce.
I want to enjoy my life again. Even if I have less money.
Collect moments not things!



During life, you’ll read a lot of quotes. But there are just a few ones who stay in your mind forever.
These two are my most important at the moment.

Sometimes, I’m very shy and afraid about what could happen if I do ” whatever “.
But I realised that I have to wipe off the comfort zone and just do it. I think too much.
Of corse, the comfort zone is cozy and warm but boring and unexciting.
To experience something you have to get up und do something.

The second quote means ” do not fret, just wondering “.
I use this one a lot in my everyday life at work!
I work with customers, normal people like you and I aaaand the other ones…
It helps.

Is it a coincidence that both images have pastel colors? I don’t think so.
Pastel calmes me down.

Enjoy your day!



Thats what my spring fever feels like at the moment. Expressed in art.

813d9839287141e8223edf4f7f328486 f1633de60e39b43e5a2a71e3d1b6c583
My mood is one big pastel color! I Like that feeling.
Have a nice week! Spring is near!


I have fulfilled a dream of mine and just did it.
The large half sleeve tattoo.

It’s a realistic piece and the artist is just amazing!
Each object has a very personal meaning to me. Other people just see a nice picture with two birds. But for me is it so much more then that. It took 5 hours and hurt a lot but it was worth it!


Foto 2


Sorry for these bad pictures. I’m not familiar with the camera in the iPad mini. I think there must be something to learn… (A lot!!)

Happy Easter all together!


Because of my stomach problems, I had to change my lifestyle. I have to leave out some food and find alternatives.
For this reason, I found myself increasingly in organic shops. Over time I began to take an interest not only for organic food but also for sustainability of other products.
This big change makes me much more aware of life. I think first about what to buy and where. And I do not buy useless anymore. I treat myself to certain things, yes. But then I enjoy it now much more then before.

Sometimes, bad things happens for a reason. At the moment, you can’t see the reason. But he will come.
My stomach problems show me another way of life. A considerate one in many ways.

Today I discovered sustainable children’s books. And at the same time the illustrator Katrin Wiehle.

kleiner_wald forest_pages2 forest_poster kleiner_garten garden_pages1 garden_pages2 animals_print
Very cute! I like this round and simple in her style.

Tomorrow I’ll indulge me something very sustainable. Because it will always remain on my body.

Have a great Monday!


On Saturday I was at the Blickfang Design Exhibition in Basel / Switzerland. It was my first time and I am completely thrilled. I’ve seen so many ingenious new things and ideas. There’s something for everyone. For little or a lot of money…

If you should be in Basel, go! Next week the Exhibition will be in Stuttgart/Germany!

Ps: I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures.
This one shows only a tiny corner of the hall

Have a nice week!


In my everyday life I am a children bookseller.
Accordingly, I have many children’s books, along with a whole library of other books. Of course I have my favorites and one of these are the picture books by Alexander Steffensmeier.

He is a German illustrator and I love his humor and the little details in the pictures. In German they are called ” Lieselotte “. But you can find them in English too as ” Millie “. Funny how they had to change the name of the cow.




Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist,known best for his distinct style.
He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs.
But these two pictures are my dearest.

Many of his paintings were used as tattoos. The clean lines and bold colors seems very convenient.
I stumbled across the many tattoos, just as I was planning my own.
But I prefer my own idea of an image for such a lifelong thing.
I will tell you more about it soon…
cropwm cro4pwm


This winter I am absolutely thrilled about water color Art.
Water color can say so much with a single stroke.
Every movement has to sit, that’s true skill.
Today I discovered Lora Zombie.
Even her name is just great!

1cropwm 2cropwm 4 cr2opwm cro3pwm crop1wm crop34wm


I’m in love with flowers.
Really want the spring back.
Until then, I’ll buy myself flowers and look at floral art and photography.
Makes my soul happy.









Do you know the comicbooks Calvin and Hobbes?
I really love them. My father showed me these when I was a kid and I fell in love immediately.
This pictures show us how it would look if they were real.


Thank you Dad! You gave me the passion for comics and even for the whole world of books!


Birds are awesome! Pure freedom.

I want to show you an artist I discovered these days.
I like the vintage style and the bright colors.
These drawings inspire me to be happy and self-confident.
Spring is near ! Yay!

cropw4m cropwm5 cropwm6 cropwm8

Have a nice rest of the week!


I am still amazed about the effect of black&white photography.
I’ts so simple and effectively.

iceskating-in-new-york the-church-of-san-frediano-in-cestello-piazza-di-cestello-florence le-baiser-de-lhotel-de-ville-paris-1950 champs-de-mars-gardens circus-animals-on-33rd-street men-in-a-street-of-napoli american-sailor-clutching-a-white-uniformed-nurse-in-a-passionate-kiss-in-times-square opening-night-screening-of-first-color-3-d-movie-bwana-devil-paramount-theater-hollywood-ca walk-to-paradise-garden sunbeams-in-grand-central-station boys-laugh-at-childrens-movie-session paris-1950 st-marks-square-venice-italy

Have a wonderful day!
I’m full of art and love and wish you the same thing. I’ts a wonderful blending.


Color your life with this guy – ETAM –
I felt in love with the first one. Would love to have this piece on my house wall!

-etam-bdg-c2c-jpg-700-5000 -etam-chazme-sepe-lump-sainer-szczecin-2010-jpg-700-5000 -etam-eskimomniejsze-jpg-700-5000 -etam-gorzow-jpg-700-5000 -etam-turek-jpg-700-5000 -halle-jpg-700-5000 -kazanmniejsze-jpg-700-5000 -mind-trip-jpg-700-5000 3-Galeria-Urban-Art-Forms-in-Lodz-Poland_-By-Aryz-Etam-Cru


There are so many different types of art.
At the moment, everything with animals inspires me.
Here I have some pictrues from Laura Graves for you.

If you like the latest posts, you have to visit the homepage .
There you can buy all the pictures I’ve posted.
Happy shopping!







Everything I created with watercolors was a tree.
You know, with a straw and blow it.
I was 7 years old 😉

The next pictures I want to share are from the artist Robert Farkas.





Love a good animal picture!


There is something magic about birds and feathers.
Of corse they stand for freedom and the wish to live your dreams.
But it’s strange how some particular things become a very special meaning to you.


I’m obsessed with the Art from Amy Hamilton!
I shared some pictures in other posts and now I will show you more.








So wonderful!


by Katie Pietrantonio
I have holidays.
Ok … carnival holidays. And now, I’m sick again.
Everything was great until yesterday in the evening.
And today, I’m totaly in it, two days before back to work.
Maybe it is a sign from my body, just like:
“Dude! The partys where great, but now you have to rest and just do nothing!”And so, I do. Canceled all the “catch up’s” and “sport plans”.
That’s not what I wanted, but somehimes we have just to rest.

Hope you all have a better start in the new week.

PS: As you can see, I changed my Blog Design (again…)
It’s kind a boring here in the bed, had to do something ^^


Everything I can do at the moment is lie in bed
and do something with the computer, read or sleep.
I’m doing it alternately because of the fever. Headache. Damn!

I discovered Pinterest today. Saw it many times but never did domething on my one.
I like to collect. Especially pictures.

Aaaand it is the perfect way to collect the things for my tattoo project.
So I don’t have to print out the examples. Just log in my Pinterest acount in the studio and show the artist.

Bild 2Hope all of you are well and alert!


My stomach is sick (again… argh!)
I’m tired of soups these days, so I tried a vegetable gratin.
Just vegetables and a sauce with eggs and milk.
Healthy, fast, easy and good for my stomach (so far…)

2013-01-31 19.11.17  2013-01-31 19.17.34
I have blanched them. Carrots first, then the broccoli together with the cauliflower and finally the zucchini. All in one pot. It keeps the vitamins and gives them a beautiful intensiv color.
Drain them and put into a form.
Mix two eggs with 2 dl milk and pour it over the vegetables.

2013-01-31 20.26.29
45 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven.
Gaves me the opportunity to lie down. Phew… Hate it to be so weak.

2013-01-31 20.28.06
2013-01-31 20.28.52
om nom nom.

At least something good today.


There are these moments in life you have to decide.
Should I go this way or this way?
Every new path is a whole new adventure and sometimes, this is very scary.
We have the feeling to run away or just stand still and do nothing.
Maybe the change comes anyway?
No, it doesn’t!

You have to stand up and just do it.
You can fail. yes.
But if you never try, you know exactely that you will question yourself constantly “what if”

Some decisions are biger than others.
But the first step is to start and have a look at it.

My way is not clear yet, but i’ll have a look today and know, I have to catch a train.
Update is coming soon.


Ladys and Gentleman
I like to introduce you my new friend.
The Fujifilm Instax 210
I’m in love!

I just shot my first photo.
Of course, it was my bookshelf… what a surprise.
CAMERALOVEMy little family grows.  I’m wondering, how big it will be in the future.

It’s dark and foggy outside. Gives me a bad headache.
But my new little baby cheers me up a lot!
Have a nice day!

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