Tested my new camera lense today and made a frustating sunday a good one.

IMG_9865 - Arbeitskopie 2

// Wanna come in and have a quick look at my bookshelf?

2014-03-31 00.07.57

// Who says the second row is the bad one? Its just not.

2014-03-31 00.08.39

// Am I the only one who arranges the books by color …

2014-03-31 00.09.00

// … and size?

Thats the Canon 50mm 1:1.8 lense and I just tryed it out. I like the play with the blurry and clear parts.
Oh my, I have so much to learn.Photography is fascinating.
It always looks so easy but it needs so much understanding and I’ll learn all it needs to take nice pictures. Just for fun.

Have a good Sunday!




My heart is full of spring feelings. Even if it snowed again today.


// Spring is coming and the nice little restaurants and coffe shops are getting ready for the season. Can’t wait!


// First warm days and nice sunsets at the lake are the best.

Sunday is for lying around on the couch and do nothing. Sometimes we just need it.
Happy Sunday!


The weather goes gozy outside. Thats the perfect time to put on the fluffy scarf and socks, make a good cup of tea and cuddle in the extra large blanket or your boyfriend. Thats my plan for the evening.
What’s your’s?

Gozy-weather-scarf fluffly-socks


Hello Folks! We have a new topic over here! I decided to write about specific things I already love in a own category because it would be a little wrong to write about it in the WEEKLY FOUNDS. Say welcome to THINGS I LIKE!

I’m a fox lover. Could come from my mothers name “Fux” which means Fox in German. Or maybe because it’s a wonderful, beautiful and at least wild animal in our country. He gets misunderstood and often showed as the bad one. Do you know the German Song where the fox steals the goose? That’s what I mean.

// 1. Unknown // 2. Unknown // 3. Amy Hamilton // 4. Teagan White // 5. Robert Farkas // 6. Jen Mann // 7. TANGRAMMAR // 8. Teagan White // 9. Teagan White // 10. Teagan White // 11. Freeminds // 12. Freeminds // 13. Jacob Boie // 14. A new memorywall with a fox pattern on it.

Thats why I like art so much. There are so many ways and styles to show one and the same thing in a different way.
Anyway, somebody else thinking that blue and orange goes very well together?


I like birds. A lot.
And I like feathers. A lot.
Both of them are symbols for freedom.
And I did something for my personal freedom.
I decided to reduce my working hours down to 80%. Because money is not everything. That makes an whole extra free day for me and my personal life.
That’s what I need. Let’s celerbrate with some really really nice feather pictures I found this week.

// 1. Amy Hamilton // 2. Rin Ascher // 3. Jody Edwards // 4. Wobins
// 5. Jody Edwards // 6. DG Artwork // 7. LCondon // 8. Emmy Roland
// 9. Blue Button Studio // 10. Simone Jessup  // 11. Katelyn Patton
// 12. Jaqueline Maldonado

I definitely buy one of these pieces and hang it up on a wall in my room.
Which one do you like the most?

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