// Our view from the back window. The colors are terrific


// I always take a walk during lunchtime.


// Homeparty with some friends from work. What a great night.


// They are all mad. I like mad people!


// Wearing my happy little Budda. This necklace was a gift from my aunt when I was a 3 year old child. I was very fascinated from this Jade stone and never through it away during all this years.

Have a good day friends!



Tested my new camera lense today and made a frustating sunday a good one.

IMG_9865 - Arbeitskopie 2

// Wanna come in and have a quick look at my bookshelf?

2014-03-31 00.07.57

// Who says the second row is the bad one? Its just not.

2014-03-31 00.08.39

// Am I the only one who arranges the books by color …

2014-03-31 00.09.00

// … and size?

Thats the Canon 50mm 1:1.8 lense and I just tryed it out. I like the play with the blurry and clear parts.
Oh my, I have so much to learn.Photography is fascinating.
It always looks so easy but it needs so much understanding and I’ll learn all it needs to take nice pictures. Just for fun.

Have a good Sunday!



My heart is full of spring feelings. Even if it snowed again today.


// Spring is coming and the nice little restaurants and coffe shops are getting ready for the season. Can’t wait!


// First warm days and nice sunsets at the lake are the best.

Sunday is for lying around on the couch and do nothing. Sometimes we just need it.
Happy Sunday!


Well, life is happening. During that, the blog had a break.
I looked at my Iphone pictures and noticed that i take far to little photos at the moment.
I’ll change that AND the fact that I’m doing them with my phone. I have an reflex camera and will use it more often in the future.
For that reason, I’ll take a course starts on Monday 17. Yay!


// Healthy food is on the top of my list at the moment.


// Had a good weekend in the alps with my dear love and some friends.
Unfortunately, I was sick and now I am in bed. But thats was life is.

Wish you a good start in the new week!


That’s what the past weeks felt like:


There is a little feeling of freedom. I work less and have more time for me, my friends and my hobbys.
I do a lot of sport lately. Jogging in late evenings, swimming on free afternoons and sundays, Yoga in the morning. It’s wonderful.
I had the time to read two books in the last two weeks, write some storys and start some projects. I’m grateful!

Totaly forgot to take some pictures. I should catch up on that hobby.

Have a great last week of January and enjoy the time in the way you love it the most.


That’s what the past week looked like. A lot of food and wine for the overstressed working-soul.


// It’s definitely Christmas over here. There is a lot of good comfort food and red wine with friends.


// No Christmas time without a fondue. Waiting for it on this picture.


// How about a lot of meat and wine? Sure!


// And when the wine bottles are epmty, color them in festive looking gold and put some nice flowers in it.

I really like Christmas. But I’ll be so happy when it’s all over and I can go back to normal with my personal life. I wish all of you a nice and relaxed last Christmas week. Have a good time together!


According to my IPhone pictures


// How about some Pancakes with apple smash, kiwi and orange? Omnom! A healthy meal during Christmas sweets time.


// First time bread baking with my roommates. Was a great evening with some good wine and christmas swing songs.
What a nice tradition!

Christmas is near. I already had a lot of mulled wine, chocolate, biscuits, christmas markets and gift shopping. But I’m still not in the mood for the whole thing. Maybe it’s too warm outside. The snow is missing and the weather is like spring. I see Christmas decorations at work since the beginning of November, but still managed to keep the feelings down. That’s good, but now, they could come! Normally I’m really into Christmas and the whole advent thing.

Happy second advents to everybody. Enjoy it!


According to my IPhone pictures

2013-11-13 11.41.48-2

// Friends helped me picking my new glasses last week. Thanks for the help! I love them!


// This card from Belle and Boo . Already have a few but this one is my favorite because of the fox and the fact that I’m really looking forward for the first snow this year!


// This book! Full of weekend trips in Europe. Already started planing.


// Iceland is on the top of my list at the moment (not just for a weekend). But also every other country in the North. Would be nice to make some weekendtrips next year if I could not go for a long holiday. Traveling is best!

// Looking forward to another nice dinner with a friend tonight. Yesterday I went to a nice little sushi bar in town. Om nom nom!

Hope you have a really good week so far!


I’m back from my shortest holiday ever. But it was worth it.


// Leaves around the window


// Autumn in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Tea Time

// Afternoon tea with grandma


// Self made applesauce in progress. Without any sugar. It’s so delicious!
The whole bottle with 12 apples was gone within 24 hours.


// A beautiful second-hand bookstore in Colmar, France.


// Walking along the acient streets in Colmar, France.


// A break in a very nice little Café in Colmar, France.

Sometimes, we need just a couple of days, some sunny hours and a place we’ve never been before and everything looks totally different.
Enjoy your free time with something you’ve never did before. It gives you a look from another perspective and a lot of fun. You don’t have to travel into another city. Just take another way to work, eat different, spent your free time in another way than usual. Try it!


We had such a nice weather! I could not believe it so I decided to enjoy it instead.

Switzerland1 Switzerland2 Switzerland4 Switzerland3 Switzerland4 Switzerland5 Switzerland6 Switzerland7 Switzerland8 Switzerland9 Switzerland10

Autumn sun, a walk to the church in the deep forest, lots of foods and just nothing to do but relax. Awesome!

This week I looking forward to see a lot of friends and family members and for my holiday weekend trip to Colmar, France. Yay!
Have a good week everyone!


This week is really good so far!


Had some quality time with my Dad and it was awesome! What a wonderful day! Thank you Daddy!


Me and my Dad, we love sweets, obviously.


Another really nice quality time with a good friend and my Love. It’s a pretty “sweet” week. 🙂

Have a sweet week too! Have a cupcake or something and share it with a lovely person!


Hello everyone! Here are my recently enjoyed things according to my IPhone pictures.

flowers picking

Flowers picking at the city market.

city in the morning

Peaceful walk in the morning and watching the city wake up

goodbye daylight

Goodbye daylight!

new dishes

New dishes are a little bit like christmas to me.

Happy weekend everyone! I have to work but looking forward for a loooong bath and good food after that!


According to my IPhone Pictures

2013-10-02 09.24.45 2013-10-02 09.30.18

// Love good old houses. It’s kind a dream of mine to live in such a house one day.

2013-10-03 13.46.41

// It’s still warm enough to eat lunch in the parc. Enojoy the fall as much as I can.

2013-10-04 21.04.23

// A little concert a friend of mine organized in a “literature coffee”.
Really loved the atmosphere with the books, the old chairs and the people.

2013-10-05 12.06.39

// Who says you can not make a trip on a boat in october?

2013-10-05 13.38.10-1

// Into the wild in Switzerland. Just wonderful! (Twannbachschlucht)

2013-10-06 10.42.12

// Pancake Sunday

Life is good. Wish all of you a happy weekend!


Thats what the past days looked like according to my IPhone pictures.

2013-09-26 19.15.48
// Just a little light on the horizon. A walk in the evening with the setting sun is wonderful!

2013-09-26 12.54.23
// Love this city. Bern is so peaceful. Even when there are building sites around.

2013-09-26 19.29.21
// Candles. Candles everywhere.

2013-09-30 11.45.52
// Everybody loves a good cheescake! And this one was the best from a very wonderful women! Thank you again Angie!

The last days were good. Enjoy the fall as much as I can!
Hope you can enjoy it too!

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