Tested my new camera lense today and made a frustating sunday a good one.

IMG_9865 - Arbeitskopie 2

// Wanna come in and have a quick look at my bookshelf?

2014-03-31 00.07.57

// Who says the second row is the bad one? Its just not.

2014-03-31 00.08.39

// Am I the only one who arranges the books by color …

2014-03-31 00.09.00

// … and size?

Thats the Canon 50mm 1:1.8 lense and I just tryed it out. I like the play with the blurry and clear parts.
Oh my, I have so much to learn.Photography is fascinating.
It always looks so easy but it needs so much understanding and I’ll learn all it needs to take nice pictures. Just for fun.

Have a good Sunday!




Second time christmas baking with my dear Love.


// Making our first selfmade Pralinés. First step. Dark chocolate massacre.


// Melt


// Make the outside of the Pralinés and cool them down until they are hard.


// In the meantime we did the couverture with another type of chocolate and added some nuts.


// Fill up the little chocolate bowls with the couverture and decorate . I did some with extra nuts and some with crunchy cornflakes. Yum!


// Gingerbread quarters. Tried a gingerbread guy but it doesn’t worked out.


// So I did some other guys


// And last but not least some cocosmacrones with a chocolate bottom or top.

I did a crunchy-nut-chocolate bar with the leftovers and I’m very curious about the result.
All of the treats are for friends and family for christmas. Looking forward to give them as a gift.

Merry Christmas everyone!


There is a wall in my bedrom I always wanted to decorate. I put on some pictures with tape and changed it many times. But It was time to do something “right”. I started my search for frames in the city but haven’t found any nice. I wanted a mix of black and white but he only good ones I’ve found where very expensive and I can’t afford it.
So I finally went to IKEA and found exactly what I wanted. (Surprise!)

Had a lot of fun to choose the pictures and arrange them. Decorating is a hobby of mine because you make something nice for the place where you live and can enjoy it every day when you see it.

Bedroom makeover

2013-10-30 16.30.10

I missed it to do a “before” picture. Fool me. Learned my lesson for the next time. Promise!

Have a nice evening!


I did it! I finished my first own handmade scarf and already tested it.
It’s not perfect but that’s not what it is about. It’s about do something with your own hands.
I’ll start another crochet project next week. For now, I’m out of wool.

my first scarf 1

Enjoy  your sunday with a fluffy blanket, a good tea and something that makes you happy.


Hooray! I can do it!
My first idea was a hat from “my boshi”. An easy do it yourself package.

my boshi set

But I realised that I should re-learn how to crochet before I start such a project.
My project at the moment is a simple scarf. At the beginning, it looked like a disable something, not really nice. But the good thing about corchet is that you can resolve the last mesh and do it again. So I did it again and again and again until it looked like this:

starting a scarf

And now I have a little something that will be a scarf in a couple of days 🙂
I’ll add another color ( probably another blue ) and hopefully share a real scarf soon.
It’s a little bit silly how excited I am about this little project. But what’s nicer then make things and see a result ?

already looks like something

Have a good friday and a happy weekend!

PS: I talked about knitting on my TO DO LIST . But I really ment chrochet. English is not that easy at all 🙂


Hello out there!

I have decided to organize my blog. Like, really organize!
Until now, I just wrote about a thing here and there. Nothing special or a specific topic. Thats kind a chaotic and has no clear line at all. So, whats this Blog about?

All day dreams – Inspired to share!
This Blog is about everything nice and inspiring in life.

I’ll start new weekly topics:
// Recently enjoyed things
// Weekly found
// Weekly project

Let’s start!


I love personal projects which make my life better and more fun. I’ve started an E-Course in blogging and it really gives me a lot of good advices and ideas for my own little world here. And when I start something new, there has to be a new notebook! Of course! From now on, I plan my posts and make weekly posts to specific topics. I really enjoyed making plans and fill the book with ideas and thoughts. Making plans is always a good feeling.

2013-09-27 07.33.02 2013-09-27 07.34.45
I’m really looking forward to all the futur posts in my new categories.

Happy friday everyone!

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