Do you remember my list ” To do  before 2014″ ?
Well, let’s have a look:

// 1. Eat fresh fruits every day (yummy!)
// 2. Do a little bit Yoga every day. Doesn’t matter how long or when.
// 3. Enjoy free time with friends and family. Don’t stuck at home.
// 4. Write, experiment with your writing skills.

Curious if I have realized them?

// 1. ✓  I really have eaten fresh fruits every. single. day. And it helped me to get the energie for christmas work.
// 2.   Mostly in the morning to stretch a bit and to wake up
// 3. ✓  Half way done. I needed some time for me during the stressful christmas season and enjoyed that just the same way.
// 4.  Weeeell… Nope. There was no time for it and after half a month I decided to do that in january.

I’m pretty proud about the result. Making goals is an awesome feeling!
Right now I enjoy my new free time with buy sports equipment, go jogging, swimming,  meet friends, muck and decorate my two homes and read a really good book.
How about a new list for january?
Let’s do it:


// 1.  Go and swim at least one mile a week.
//2.  Go and run for 30 minutes once a week.
//3.  Write diary every day as an exercise.
//4.  Produce texts and stories. No excuses!

At the moment everything is running perfectly in this list. Fingers crossed that I can keep it that way.
What about you? Do you make lists and goals for yourself. Not specifically for the new year. For you. Do you?
I’m full of this “all new” feeling. Love that!

Have a great time!


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