Dear 2013

You were not easy.
It started a bit difficult. We had those water damages in our home which have made us crazy and mad. Not enough, the administration of the house throw us out on the street and we had to move. Very very quickly. Thank God we found something very nice. After that I was thinking it’s time for something new and good in my life and I finally got that tattoo I’ve ever wanted. Still love it. More and more every day. But you were not finished with me yet.In May you gave me this terrible gastritis and last but not least my broken foot in June. I couldn’t work for a long time and I had a lot time to think about my life and what I wanna do with it. In September I got finally back to work and worked harder than ever before because of my guilty conscience. Not a good idea. I decided to slow down. Tomorrow is my first 80% work day. It gives me a whole extra day per week for me and my life.

But you weren’t bad at all. It was a time full of little battles which made me stronger and forced me to better things.
I lost some friends but met other old friends and even family members and had wonderful hours, days and weekends with them.
I’m really grateful for all the people in my life. Especially for my dear love who had never given up hope and often had to fight for both of us because I was too weak for. Thank you. A lot.

Any resolutions? Just one.
Work less and live more.
I’ve got a little catching up to do!

And that’s what that past year looked like.

Welcome 2014! You already started wonderful. Nice to meet you.

Happy new year to everyone of you! Have a good time and do what makes you happy.


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