I do a lot of lists. Looks like a new Topic is born!
I wrote a list for fall two weeks ago. Let’s have a look what happened:



// Go for at least one run a week in the forest (✓ until now… )
// Drink a lot of good coffee and hot milk with honey or chocolate ( definitely ✓)
// Make a new tradition with friends: eat venison in a forest-restaurant (✓)
// Buy some really fluffy socks for cold evenings (✓)
// Buy at least one time a week at the farmers market in the city center
// Never ever take the bus! Enjoy the fresh (!) air (✓)
// Try a new but typical fall recipe
// Learn to knit to make your own gloves for winter
// Feel good! (✓)

Soooo there are some things I did not so far. But it’s still autumn!
I really have to buy the utensils to learn how to knit soon and I’ll look around for a typical fall recipe to try. Tonight we try a Thai noodle-shrimp-stew. Not that autumnal hm? Do you know a good one I should try?


And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a run in the forest.


3 thoughts on “TO DO LIST – FALL

  1. Knitting your own gloves can be very difficult. I hope you’ll do it.
    It’s mushroom season, so try to cook ’em with bouillon, cream and lots of spices. Besides some meat (according to whether you like calf or pork. I propose calf, breaded) and as starch accompaniment some french fries or tagliatelle. Perfect autumn meal with little effort.

    • Maybe I should start with a scarf or something like that hm? I think you are right!

      Everything with mushrooms in it is delicious! That’s a nice idea! Thank you!

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