Street Art is such a wonderful thing to make people happy.
Art for free – Yay! But not the dirty tags on the supermarket wall or the train. No. Streetart like this!
DALeast paints most of his graffiti pieces in a hurry while looking over his shoulder for the police. He has already been arrested once, right before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but that never stopped him: “Life always give one troubles but my work gives me a lot of opportunity to face these troubles. Any situation can arise when you work in the public space.”
// DALeast
Found these on Bored Panda , a very entertaining website! Have a look!

street-art-DALeast-3 street-art-DALeast-4 street-art-DALeast-7 street-art-DALeast-9 street-art-DALeast-12 street-art-DALeast-17

And there is another artist I wanna show you.
Benjamin Lacombe. He makes a totally different art then you saw above.
// Benjamin Lacombe  He is a French childrens book writer / illustrator and author. His paintings are kind of strange and very dark but so wonderful and breath taking!

3a782c6fce5ba8819e5b5afdcc693921  a40c7fd4fe0b01e31ce143175843cf9e0068f258821e056c53b63f16fac3d10a67cd7a1ff76ef0dee2dfc9b5b90048011b0cbf9ca12bdbb19bf9fcec8b736f6a467a0e9e852d1d3996c3638092ef686d afe88940b65402988a81a1ede58383f3
His books may be something for adults, like collectors and art lovers which I am both. They make wonderful presents as well! Keep in mind for christmas! (Oh my, only 3months away…)

Have a nice evening and enjoy some art!


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