I had some really bad luck this summer.
First, the very bad stomach flue and right after that I broke my leg.
During this time, some mad man burgled in my home.
Now, 9 weeks later, my foot is back on the track, my home is clean again and I see a light on the horizon.

The last 9 weeks where a challenge for me.
Of course it was kind a nice to stay at home and don’t have to go to work.
But mostly it was just sad and I was alone.

BUT I could do at least some things I couldn’t if that had not happened.
I met a lot of the people I have not seen in years and there where a lot of good
and lovely moments with them. I’m very thankful for that!

And there is another thing about the accident.
I learned how much I love it to walk, hike and even run!
I started to jog again, although I used to hate it.
Sometimes life’s funny in an very ironic way.

Tomorrow I go back to work.
I don’t look back. I just want to have and see good times, and maybe buy some flowers.



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