I’m getting really productive over here.
I continued with my book album project with some cards and situations that mean a lot to me.

2013-05-29 12.52.30 2013-05-29 12.52.53 2013-05-29 12.53.21
Another project is the Happiness Box

2013-05-29 12.51.52
Which is inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s book ” The Happiness Project “. There are many little books in which you can write your goals, your dreams, things about wellbeing and gratitude. It helps to reflect yourself and see what you really need from life.
At the same time I have redecorated the wall above my bed. There are now hanging quotes and colors that make me happy when I look at it. It might look better with some frames, but I’m kind of a “pure” lover.

2013-05-29 12.49.40
Aaaaand last but not least, I have to start writing again. Really, I mean it! Look what I found in my favorite store

2013-05-29 12.50.37
2013-05-29 12.51.08
A empty book with the name ” my first novel “. It’s on the top of my to do list now. And I will start by the end of this week with a minimum of 5 sites. Of course you have to mindmap and all these things and it’s more a doodle book than the “real” book at the end. But it could help me to finally do it. The ideas are there!

How about the stomach? It’s getting better now. I can eat a normal portion of food without loosing it immediately. The pains are less and I can sleep normal again. Just the power is not back yet. But I start with the Vitamin and revitalizing cure right now and hope the best. Its a bit tedious to have to sleep all the time because you have no more power. I have to stay at home until the end of the week.

What about you? Any projects at the moment?
Have a great day!


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