During life, you’ll read a lot of quotes. But there are just a few ones who stay in your mind forever.
These two are my most important at the moment.

Sometimes, I’m very shy and afraid about what could happen if I do ” whatever “.
But I realised that I have to wipe off the comfort zone and just do it. I think too much.
Of corse, the comfort zone is cozy and warm but boring and unexciting.
To experience something you have to get up und do something.

The second quote means ” do not fret, just wondering “.
I use this one a lot in my everyday life at work!
I work with customers, normal people like you and I aaaand the other ones…
It helps.

Is it a coincidence that both images have pastel colors? I don’t think so.
Pastel calmes me down.

Enjoy your day!


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