I am still amazed about the effect of black&white photography.
I’ts so simple and effectively.

iceskating-in-new-york the-church-of-san-frediano-in-cestello-piazza-di-cestello-florence le-baiser-de-lhotel-de-ville-paris-1950 champs-de-mars-gardens circus-animals-on-33rd-street men-in-a-street-of-napoli american-sailor-clutching-a-white-uniformed-nurse-in-a-passionate-kiss-in-times-square opening-night-screening-of-first-color-3-d-movie-bwana-devil-paramount-theater-hollywood-ca walk-to-paradise-garden sunbeams-in-grand-central-station boys-laugh-at-childrens-movie-session paris-1950 st-marks-square-venice-italy

Have a wonderful day!
I’m full of art and love and wish you the same thing. I’ts a wonderful blending.


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