My stomach is sick (again… argh!)
I’m tired of soups these days, so I tried a vegetable gratin.
Just vegetables and a sauce with eggs and milk.
Healthy, fast, easy and good for my stomach (so far…)

2013-01-31 19.11.17  2013-01-31 19.17.34
I have blanched them. Carrots first, then the broccoli together with the cauliflower and finally the zucchini. All in one pot. It keeps the vitamins and gives them a beautiful intensiv color.
Drain them and put into a form.
Mix two eggs with 2 dl milk and pour it over the vegetables.

2013-01-31 20.26.29
45 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven.
Gaves me the opportunity to lie down. Phew… Hate it to be so weak.

2013-01-31 20.28.06
2013-01-31 20.28.52
om nom nom.

At least something good today.


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