Everybody has his own wonderland.

Saw this question the other day:

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Let me think about a lot of things.

I mean, would I finally publish a childrens book? or two?
Would I give up my job and travel around the world?
Or would I try to open my own business?
There are a lot of dreams I think about a bit like “hah, would be nice but never real”
This question gives me damn much to think about.

Have a nice, mind blowing day!



2 thoughts on “WONDERLAND

  1. The “but never real” will change quickly to “possible” to real “real” with turtlesteps in the right directions, one at a time and putting up habits that serve these goals.
    For the book: writing 10 minutes every day, no matter what.
    For traveling the world: no job quitting needed right now. Just find out where you really would love to go first and than set up an saving account for only this purpose and make a good plan where to go and how.
    For the own business: collecting information about being an entrepeneur, asking question to people who have their own business, sign up for business newsletters.
    For every dream be as clear as you can about the wished outcome but don´t be attached to the details. Expect to get frustrated at a regular basis, but this means nothing. You always can decide yourself what thoughts and feelings you nurture. In every single moment you can choose to start again and have a clear vision again.
    This is your power. You will be very surprised what is going to happen from there. 🙂

    • I’ll thank you for your words!
      You are so right! I’m very grateful that you read my post with such an interest and gave me this reply.
      I’ll follow your advices!
      Have a great evening!

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