I’m a big fan of the “KEEP CALM AND…” quotes as you saw in my latest home pictures.
There are so many different ones and I will show you a few of the best.
I used every single one of them at least once!

keep_calm_red 412974 tumblr_lcknnx498F1qf76m1o1_400 drink-coffee-mocha keep-calm-and-boom-shakalaka-1 keep calm and travel on Na Na Na keep-calm-and-eat-a-banana-8 ipad_23032_pac_man_keep_calm_and_om_nom o3MiLh tumblr_m3u0nzPTpQ1rtkyoto1_1280 keep-calm-and-eat-a-cookie-134 now-panic-and-freak-out-510 tumblr_m8hh93X6oC1rcezcyo1_500 keep calm and blog on 8 x 10 keep-calm-and-love-life-2389 keep_calm_and_go_to_sleep_by_kkbatoretto-d52033gThe last one sounds good for me now.
Good night!


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