The new year is full of projects. ( NOT resolutions )

I’ve started a ” letter a day”. Every evening,
I write my tag down on a A5 site in my agenda.
I try to make every day a little adventure. A little personal adventure.
And I will see why I act how I act.
Every person has some strange traits and I want to get rid of mine.
The ” letter a day” project already helps!

There is also the “craft” project.
I loved it to craft when I was younger.
I don’t want the house full of strange crafts,
Just want things I can use in the everyday life and I can do on my own!
Also started drawing again. What a fun! And it is important when i want to realise my childrens book!

Then there is the “Body” project.
At the moment I find out many ways to eat healthy.
I just discovered smoothies! Njamm!
And I try a lot of fruits I even don’t know the name.
Healthy, exciting and I learn more about my own taste.
Next week Yoga begins again – Halleluja! Finally!

Wow, I just realised that this whole project thing is to know myself, my body and my soul better.
I had always this feeling that I don’t know who I am. This year I want to try as much things I can.
Actually, this is the project.

I wish all of you a wonderful day and please forgive me that I have written almost nothing in this new year.
Days were pretty exciting lately.


( Like this quote a lot. Especially for the “body” project )


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