This Street Art makes me think about style.
“Find your own style and and be proud of who you are” is the sentence we read in every self-help book.
So, who am I ?

As a teenager I ‘ve tried a lot of trends. Until I discovered that I’m not the type for imitations. I’m  a mixer!
It took me a lot of years to feel good in my own skin and to put my body in some clothes in which I really feel comfortable.

And since I started with yoga two months ago, I get to know myself and my body even better and better. It gives me so much.
It gives me the courage to be myself a little bit more and more.

I’m not sure if I have kind of a style now. But you know what?
I don’t want to be stuck in a box with others. That’s boring.
So actually, I already are what I am. And you too!
Stop searching for what you already have, just because the public says that.
That’s so stupid. But it took a while before I understood it.


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