Well, long time not seen right?


// At the end of June i was a week in London just for myself. I enjoyed it very much!





// Little english cottages are the best!


// Days in the nature are good for body and soul. But mostely for the soul


// Still trying to eat healthy and fresh. But some day I just need a hamburger or a pizza.


// My ponytail but not on my head. Looks pretty awkward.


// And that is what happend! Needed a fresh start and a haircut! Feels like heaven!




// Our view from the back window. The colors are terrific


// I always take a walk during lunchtime.


// Homeparty with some friends from work. What a great night.


// They are all mad. I like mad people!


// Wearing my happy little Budda. This necklace was a gift from my aunt when I was a 3 year old child. I was very fascinated from this Jade stone and never through it away during all this years.

Have a good day friends!


Tested my new camera lense today and made a frustating sunday a good one.

IMG_9865 - Arbeitskopie 2

// Wanna come in and have a quick look at my bookshelf?

2014-03-31 00.07.57

// Who says the second row is the bad one? Its just not.

2014-03-31 00.08.39

// Am I the only one who arranges the books by color …

2014-03-31 00.09.00

// … and size?

Thats the Canon 50mm 1:1.8 lense and I just tryed it out. I like the play with the blurry and clear parts.
Oh my, I have so much to learn.Photography is fascinating.
It always looks so easy but it needs so much understanding and I’ll learn all it needs to take nice pictures. Just for fun.

Have a good Sunday!



My heart is full of spring feelings. Even if it snowed again today.


// Spring is coming and the nice little restaurants and coffe shops are getting ready for the season. Can’t wait!


// First warm days and nice sunsets at the lake are the best.

Sunday is for lying around on the couch and do nothing. Sometimes we just need it.
Happy Sunday!


Well, life is happening. During that, the blog had a break.
I looked at my Iphone pictures and noticed that i take far to little photos at the moment.
I’ll change that AND the fact that I’m doing them with my phone. I have an reflex camera and will use it more often in the future.
For that reason, I’ll take a course starts on Monday 17. Yay!


// Healthy food is on the top of my list at the moment.


// Had a good weekend in the alps with my dear love and some friends.
Unfortunately, I was sick and now I am in bed. But thats was life is.

Wish you a good start in the new week!


That’s what the past weeks felt like:


There is a little feeling of freedom. I work less and have more time for me, my friends and my hobbys.
I do a lot of sport lately. Jogging in late evenings, swimming on free afternoons and sundays, Yoga in the morning. It’s wonderful.
I had the time to read two books in the last two weeks, write some storys and start some projects. I’m grateful!

Totaly forgot to take some pictures. I should catch up on that hobby.

Have a great last week of January and enjoy the time in the way you love it the most.


Do you remember my list ” To do  before 2014″ ?
Well, let’s have a look:

// 1. Eat fresh fruits every day (yummy!)
// 2. Do a little bit Yoga every day. Doesn’t matter how long or when.
// 3. Enjoy free time with friends and family. Don’t stuck at home.
// 4. Write, experiment with your writing skills.

Curious if I have realized them?

// 1. ✓  I really have eaten fresh fruits every. single. day. And it helped me to get the energie for christmas work.
// 2.   Mostly in the morning to stretch a bit and to wake up
// 3. ✓  Half way done. I needed some time for me during the stressful christmas season and enjoyed that just the same way.
// 4.  Weeeell… Nope. There was no time for it and after half a month I decided to do that in january.

I’m pretty proud about the result. Making goals is an awesome feeling!
Right now I enjoy my new free time with buy sports equipment, go jogging, swimming,  meet friends, muck and decorate my two homes and read a really good book.
How about a new list for january?
Let’s do it:


// 1.  Go and swim at least one mile a week.
//2.  Go and run for 30 minutes once a week.
//3.  Write diary every day as an exercise.
//4.  Produce texts and stories. No excuses!

At the moment everything is running perfectly in this list. Fingers crossed that I can keep it that way.
What about you? Do you make lists and goals for yourself. Not specifically for the new year. For you. Do you?
I’m full of this “all new” feeling. Love that!

Have a great time!


Dear 2013

You were not easy.
It started a bit difficult. We had those water damages in our home which have made us crazy and mad. Not enough, the administration of the house throw us out on the street and we had to move. Very very quickly. Thank God we found something very nice. After that I was thinking it’s time for something new and good in my life and I finally got that tattoo I’ve ever wanted. Still love it. More and more every day. But you were not finished with me yet.In May you gave me this terrible gastritis and last but not least my broken foot in June. I couldn’t work for a long time and I had a lot time to think about my life and what I wanna do with it. In September I got finally back to work and worked harder than ever before because of my guilty conscience. Not a good idea. I decided to slow down. Tomorrow is my first 80% work day. It gives me a whole extra day per week for me and my life.

But you weren’t bad at all. It was a time full of little battles which made me stronger and forced me to better things.
I lost some friends but met other old friends and even family members and had wonderful hours, days and weekends with them.
I’m really grateful for all the people in my life. Especially for my dear love who had never given up hope and often had to fight for both of us because I was too weak for. Thank you. A lot.

Any resolutions? Just one.
Work less and live more.
I’ve got a little catching up to do!

And that’s what that past year looked like.

Welcome 2014! You already started wonderful. Nice to meet you.

Happy new year to everyone of you! Have a good time and do what makes you happy.


Second time christmas baking with my dear Love.


// Making our first selfmade Pralinés. First step. Dark chocolate massacre.


// Melt


// Make the outside of the Pralinés and cool them down until they are hard.


// In the meantime we did the couverture with another type of chocolate and added some nuts.


// Fill up the little chocolate bowls with the couverture and decorate . I did some with extra nuts and some with crunchy cornflakes. Yum!


// Gingerbread quarters. Tried a gingerbread guy but it doesn’t worked out.


// So I did some other guys


// And last but not least some cocosmacrones with a chocolate bottom or top.

I did a crunchy-nut-chocolate bar with the leftovers and I’m very curious about the result.
All of the treats are for friends and family for christmas. Looking forward to give them as a gift.

Merry Christmas everyone!


That’s what the past week looked like. A lot of food and wine for the overstressed working-soul.


// It’s definitely Christmas over here. There is a lot of good comfort food and red wine with friends.


// No Christmas time without a fondue. Waiting for it on this picture.


// How about a lot of meat and wine? Sure!


// And when the wine bottles are epmty, color them in festive looking gold and put some nice flowers in it.

I really like Christmas. But I’ll be so happy when it’s all over and I can go back to normal with my personal life. I wish all of you a nice and relaxed last Christmas week. Have a good time together!


According to my IPhone pictures


// How about some Pancakes with apple smash, kiwi and orange? Omnom! A healthy meal during Christmas sweets time.


// First time bread baking with my roommates. Was a great evening with some good wine and christmas swing songs.
What a nice tradition!

Christmas is near. I already had a lot of mulled wine, chocolate, biscuits, christmas markets and gift shopping. But I’m still not in the mood for the whole thing. Maybe it’s too warm outside. The snow is missing and the weather is like spring. I see Christmas decorations at work since the beginning of November, but still managed to keep the feelings down. That’s good, but now, they could come! Normally I’m really into Christmas and the whole advent thing.

Happy second advents to everybody. Enjoy it!


According to my IPhone pictures


// Beautiful free morning after my Birthday,  snoozing in bed and enjoy a cup of good coffee


// Did a baking day with some friends the other sunday. It was such a funny day!
// First selfmade chocolate cake for my Birthday. Omnomnom!


// Scarfs! I love Scarfs! Maybe that’s why I like fresh weather the most.
// I have an advent calendar every year. This year two. And with the one my lovely boyfriend made, even three! 😀

I enjoyed a very good birthday yesterday. If the year goes on like it was yesterday, it’ll probably be my best year so far!

Happy advent to everyone!


AIAYU was created out of just one material and one producer – always striving for the best and keeping the concept simple and transparent. The designs are new classics, colors and shapes. Everything is carefully crafted at its origin, where the expertise to handle it, is the greatest.
The company is rooted in love for quality and sustainability. They use just the wool from Lamas in Bolivia and created a lot of jobs for local people.









Could just please give me somebody a whole bag full of money?
Thank you


According to my IPhone pictures

2013-11-13 11.41.48-2

// Friends helped me picking my new glasses last week. Thanks for the help! I love them!


// This card from Belle and Boo . Already have a few but this one is my favorite because of the fox and the fact that I’m really looking forward for the first snow this year!


// This book! Full of weekend trips in Europe. Already started planing.


// Iceland is on the top of my list at the moment (not just for a weekend). But also every other country in the North. Would be nice to make some weekendtrips next year if I could not go for a long holiday. Traveling is best!

// Looking forward to another nice dinner with a friend tonight. Yesterday I went to a nice little sushi bar in town. Om nom nom!

Hope you have a really good week so far!


Today I found the photography work from Beverly Le Fevre.
Her pictures reflect pretty accurately how November feels like to me.
The warmth isn’t completely away but the feeling of winter starts slowly behind my back.
There is the excitement for christmas lights all over the streets and houses. The city looks so pretty when she goes festive! Looking forward to that. Although I really hope that the autumn is still with us for a while.

BeverlyLeFevre2 BeverlyLeFevre 328852_14884955_lz 430830_6185545_lz 2450785_14423308_lz

Happy November!


There is a wall in my bedrom I always wanted to decorate. I put on some pictures with tape and changed it many times. But It was time to do something “right”. I started my search for frames in the city but haven’t found any nice. I wanted a mix of black and white but he only good ones I’ve found where very expensive and I can’t afford it.
So I finally went to IKEA and found exactly what I wanted. (Surprise!)

Had a lot of fun to choose the pictures and arrange them. Decorating is a hobby of mine because you make something nice for the place where you live and can enjoy it every day when you see it.

Bedroom makeover

2013-10-30 16.30.10

I missed it to do a “before” picture. Fool me. Learned my lesson for the next time. Promise!

Have a nice evening!


Today I’ll start a little Project:  ” FOUR GOALS BEFORE 2014 ”

Four Goals before 2014

There are two months left before the end of the year and I thought it would be fun to set four simple goals to catch before 2014. These things are more like habbits than actual goals. For me, this is the most stressful time of the year because of the Christmas sale which starts already in November. I tend to stress out in this time, but this year,  I won’t. With this four little goals for me and my health.

// 1. Eat fresh fruits every day (yummy!)
// 2. Do a little bit Yoga every day. Doesn’t matter how long or when.
// 3. Enjoy free time with friends and family. Don’t stuck at home.
// 4. Write, experiment with your writing skills.

Ready, set, go!

Let’s make some quality memories.


Luke Pearson is a British cartoonist who is best known for the ‘Hilda’ series comics for Nobrow Press.
I discovered him today at work when I saw his book and I’m really impressed!
You can see more of his work on his Webpage

hildafolkcover-560x757 hil5 hil4 hil3 hil2

Comics are great! They collect literature and illustration, which I love both a lot!
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to read a Comicbook.

Have a great evening!


I’m back from my shortest holiday ever. But it was worth it.


// Leaves around the window


// Autumn in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Tea Time

// Afternoon tea with grandma


// Self made applesauce in progress. Without any sugar. It’s so delicious!
The whole bottle with 12 apples was gone within 24 hours.


// A beautiful second-hand bookstore in Colmar, France.


// Walking along the acient streets in Colmar, France.


// A break in a very nice little Café in Colmar, France.

Sometimes, we need just a couple of days, some sunny hours and a place we’ve never been before and everything looks totally different.
Enjoy your free time with something you’ve never did before. It gives you a look from another perspective and a lot of fun. You don’t have to travel into another city. Just take another way to work, eat different, spent your free time in another way than usual. Try it!


This week I have some days off. Five of them. And I’ll do a lot. Maybe too much. I wrote my list which became longer and longer and longer.
And then I did another one:

That’s all for now. I’m off!
I’ll see you next week with hopefully a lot of nice pictures and memorys of Colmar!
Have a good time!


We had such a nice weather! I could not believe it so I decided to enjoy it instead.

Switzerland1 Switzerland2 Switzerland4 Switzerland3 Switzerland4 Switzerland5 Switzerland6 Switzerland7 Switzerland8 Switzerland9 Switzerland10

Autumn sun, a walk to the church in the deep forest, lots of foods and just nothing to do but relax. Awesome!

This week I looking forward to see a lot of friends and family members and for my holiday weekend trip to Colmar, France. Yay!
Have a good week everyone!


This week is really good so far!


Had some quality time with my Dad and it was awesome! What a wonderful day! Thank you Daddy!


Me and my Dad, we love sweets, obviously.


Another really nice quality time with a good friend and my Love. It’s a pretty “sweet” week. 🙂

Have a sweet week too! Have a cupcake or something and share it with a lovely person!


Hello again!
I just finished my To-Do list for the next week.
I’m looking forward to a delicious dinner on monday, to a new Yoga season starts Wednesday, a whole day with my father, a weekend in the swiss mountains and just enjoy life and smile the nippy weather away!

To-Do list

Take care everyone!


I did it! I finished my first own handmade scarf and already tested it.
It’s not perfect but that’s not what it is about. It’s about do something with your own hands.
I’ll start another crochet project next week. For now, I’m out of wool.

my first scarf 1

Enjoy  your sunday with a fluffy blanket, a good tea and something that makes you happy.


Hello everyone! Here are my recently enjoyed things according to my IPhone pictures.

flowers picking

Flowers picking at the city market.

city in the morning

Peaceful walk in the morning and watching the city wake up

goodbye daylight

Goodbye daylight!

new dishes

New dishes are a little bit like christmas to me.

Happy weekend everyone! I have to work but looking forward for a loooong bath and good food after that!


Hooray! I can do it!
My first idea was a hat from “my boshi”. An easy do it yourself package.

my boshi set

But I realised that I should re-learn how to crochet before I start such a project.
My project at the moment is a simple scarf. At the beginning, it looked like a disable something, not really nice. But the good thing about corchet is that you can resolve the last mesh and do it again. So I did it again and again and again until it looked like this:

starting a scarf

And now I have a little something that will be a scarf in a couple of days 🙂
I’ll add another color ( probably another blue ) and hopefully share a real scarf soon.
It’s a little bit silly how excited I am about this little project. But what’s nicer then make things and see a result ?

already looks like something

Have a good friday and a happy weekend!

PS: I talked about knitting on my TO DO LIST . But I really ment chrochet. English is not that easy at all 🙂


This week: To do – 10 Things I love and I’ll do this week!

10 Things to do list

From now on, I’ll post one To do list like this every week.
Looking forward for the next ones!

Have a happy day folk! And do something you really really like to do!


Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and gift brand based in Winter Park, Florida founded by husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond. The products feature Anna’s whimsical designs which often include hand-painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless.
I’m obsessed with paper things. Writing by hand is such a nice thing. Birthday or Christmas cards are always made with lots of love from me and I still write my ideas and thoughts down in a paper journal. My laptop is amazing! But still prefer a piece of paper in my hand. Look at these wonderful examples.

j_bot_allgc_floralset_mgc_heart_mgc_thanksgarden_mgc_midnightty_mgc-gold-apple-map_anchart_m gc-vday-fox gc_animals_m   gc_french_m  gc_k_bdayset_m    gc_veg_mgc_weather_m  post_moved_m

Really have to hold myself back. No, don’t shop the website. Doh! Oh damn, they have calenders too… Argh!

Do you still write cards by hand? If not, you should start right now! Think about a person you love and send a card with some little nice words. Little things make life happy!


The weather goes gozy outside. Thats the perfect time to put on the fluffy scarf and socks, make a good cup of tea and cuddle in the extra large blanket or your boyfriend. Thats my plan for the evening.
What’s your’s?

Gozy-weather-scarf fluffly-socks


I do a lot of lists. Looks like a new Topic is born!
I wrote a list for fall two weeks ago. Let’s have a look what happened:



// Go for at least one run a week in the forest (✓ until now… )
// Drink a lot of good coffee and hot milk with honey or chocolate ( definitely ✓)
// Make a new tradition with friends: eat venison in a forest-restaurant (✓)
// Buy some really fluffy socks for cold evenings (✓)
// Buy at least one time a week at the farmers market in the city center
// Never ever take the bus! Enjoy the fresh (!) air (✓)
// Try a new but typical fall recipe
// Learn to knit to make your own gloves for winter
// Feel good! (✓)

Soooo there are some things I did not so far. But it’s still autumn!
I really have to buy the utensils to learn how to knit soon and I’ll look around for a typical fall recipe to try. Tonight we try a Thai noodle-shrimp-stew. Not that autumnal hm? Do you know a good one I should try?


And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a run in the forest.


According to my IPhone Pictures

2013-10-02 09.24.45 2013-10-02 09.30.18

// Love good old houses. It’s kind a dream of mine to live in such a house one day.

2013-10-03 13.46.41

// It’s still warm enough to eat lunch in the parc. Enojoy the fall as much as I can.

2013-10-04 21.04.23

// A little concert a friend of mine organized in a “literature coffee”.
Really loved the atmosphere with the books, the old chairs and the people.

2013-10-05 12.06.39

// Who says you can not make a trip on a boat in october?

2013-10-05 13.38.10-1

// Into the wild in Switzerland. Just wonderful! (Twannbachschlucht)

2013-10-06 10.42.12

// Pancake Sunday

Life is good. Wish all of you a happy weekend!


Hello Folks! We have a new topic over here! I decided to write about specific things I already love in a own category because it would be a little wrong to write about it in the WEEKLY FOUNDS. Say welcome to THINGS I LIKE!

I’m a fox lover. Could come from my mothers name “Fux” which means Fox in German. Or maybe because it’s a wonderful, beautiful and at least wild animal in our country. He gets misunderstood and often showed as the bad one. Do you know the German Song where the fox steals the goose? That’s what I mean.

// 1. Unknown // 2. Unknown // 3. Amy Hamilton // 4. Teagan White // 5. Robert Farkas // 6. Jen Mann // 7. TANGRAMMAR // 8. Teagan White // 9. Teagan White // 10. Teagan White // 11. Freeminds // 12. Freeminds // 13. Jacob Boie // 14. A new memorywall with a fox pattern on it.

Thats why I like art so much. There are so many ways and styles to show one and the same thing in a different way.
Anyway, somebody else thinking that blue and orange goes very well together?


Edward Juan is the artist/designer behind the website Forest and Waves. I found him in a book (I definitely should buy) which collects a lot of different types of maps all over the world and from various artists. Like the comic looking style and the angle of view. He also makes cards and illustrations for magazines as you can see below

9vancouver1  portland_old1 reykjavik1 sf_old1 uppernyc1 westernliving1_1.700foxes2

Tomorrow I go to work and buy that book.
Even when I should earn some money and not spend it…

Have a great day everyone!


ZEN PENCILS it’s a website where inspirational quotes from famous people are adapted into cartoons by Gavin Aung Than. I found this wonderful site some weeks ago and was very excited about it. He picks such wonderful peronalities and really the best quotes! I feel inspired again and again when I enjoy them.


These are some of the FREE Wallpappers on his site and you can get the last in 3 FREE Posters when you sign-up! Go to the archive and explore the comics. I’m sure you’ll find a quote from a person you admire!

After reading some comis, I feel like I can do what ever I want and need for my life. Let’s do it!


Street Art is such a wonderful thing to make people happy.
Art for free – Yay! But not the dirty tags on the supermarket wall or the train. No. Streetart like this!
DALeast paints most of his graffiti pieces in a hurry while looking over his shoulder for the police. He has already been arrested once, right before the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but that never stopped him: “Life always give one troubles but my work gives me a lot of opportunity to face these troubles. Any situation can arise when you work in the public space.”
// DALeast
Found these on Bored Panda , a very entertaining website! Have a look!

street-art-DALeast-3 street-art-DALeast-4 street-art-DALeast-7 street-art-DALeast-9 street-art-DALeast-12 street-art-DALeast-17

And there is another artist I wanna show you.
Benjamin Lacombe. He makes a totally different art then you saw above.
// Benjamin Lacombe  He is a French childrens book writer / illustrator and author. His paintings are kind of strange and very dark but so wonderful and breath taking!

3a782c6fce5ba8819e5b5afdcc693921  a40c7fd4fe0b01e31ce143175843cf9e0068f258821e056c53b63f16fac3d10a67cd7a1ff76ef0dee2dfc9b5b90048011b0cbf9ca12bdbb19bf9fcec8b736f6a467a0e9e852d1d3996c3638092ef686d afe88940b65402988a81a1ede58383f3
His books may be something for adults, like collectors and art lovers which I am both. They make wonderful presents as well! Keep in mind for christmas! (Oh my, only 3months away…)

Have a nice evening and enjoy some art!


Thats what the past days looked like according to my IPhone pictures.

2013-09-26 19.15.48
// Just a little light on the horizon. A walk in the evening with the setting sun is wonderful!

2013-09-26 12.54.23
// Love this city. Bern is so peaceful. Even when there are building sites around.

2013-09-26 19.29.21
// Candles. Candles everywhere.

2013-09-30 11.45.52
// Everybody loves a good cheescake! And this one was the best from a very wonderful women! Thank you again Angie!

The last days were good. Enjoy the fall as much as I can!
Hope you can enjoy it too!


I like birds. A lot.
And I like feathers. A lot.
Both of them are symbols for freedom.
And I did something for my personal freedom.
I decided to reduce my working hours down to 80%. Because money is not everything. That makes an whole extra free day for me and my personal life.
That’s what I need. Let’s celerbrate with some really really nice feather pictures I found this week.

// 1. Amy Hamilton // 2. Rin Ascher // 3. Jody Edwards // 4. Wobins
// 5. Jody Edwards // 6. DG Artwork // 7. LCondon // 8. Emmy Roland
// 9. Blue Button Studio // 10. Simone Jessup  // 11. Katelyn Patton
// 12. Jaqueline Maldonado

I definitely buy one of these pieces and hang it up on a wall in my room.
Which one do you like the most?


Hello out there!

I have decided to organize my blog. Like, really organize!
Until now, I just wrote about a thing here and there. Nothing special or a specific topic. Thats kind a chaotic and has no clear line at all. So, whats this Blog about?

All day dreams – Inspired to share!
This Blog is about everything nice and inspiring in life.

I’ll start new weekly topics:
// Recently enjoyed things
// Weekly found
// Weekly project

Let’s start!


I love personal projects which make my life better and more fun. I’ve started an E-Course in blogging and it really gives me a lot of good advices and ideas for my own little world here. And when I start something new, there has to be a new notebook! Of course! From now on, I plan my posts and make weekly posts to specific topics. I really enjoyed making plans and fill the book with ideas and thoughts. Making plans is always a good feeling.

2013-09-27 07.33.02 2013-09-27 07.34.45
I’m really looking forward to all the futur posts in my new categories.

Happy friday everyone!


valendji autumn-essentials-finishedMY FALL TO DO LIST

// Go for at least one run a week in the forest
// Drink a lot of good coffee and hot milk with honey or chocolate
// Make a new tradition with friends: eat venison in a forest-restaurant (✓)
// Buy some really fluffy socks for cold evenings
// Pumpkin my room (✓)
// Buy at least one time a week at the farmers market in the city center
// Never ever take the bus! Enjoy the fresh (!) air
// Try a new but typical fall recipe
// Learn to knit
// Feel good!


My dear forest

I don’t know how you do it, but you make me happy.
You clean my mind until I’m free from every bad thought.
When I take a walk on your paths, there is placidity.
When I take a run through your trees, there is pure joy.
Thanks to every forest out there.
Without you, it would be damn hard.


Having a pensive day today about whats significant in life and whats not… at all. Interisting thoughts cross my mind. It is important to find out what works for you.
And thats why I go for a run right now. Sometimes we should just do what makes us happy.
Go for it!


When there are no more vacation days and money to make a trip or a big holiday, you have to discover your own country. Many people all over the world come to see Switzerland, but it’s always another feeling when you really live there. You have your own problems and trouble. No matter where you live. But when I go for a hike, take a ride on a boat or run into the forest, I see the pure beauty and appreciate it very much!


Today we went for a shipping on the “Thunersee”. Enjoy the sun and eating ice cream, whats better for a sunday at the end of september?

I wish you a good start in the week.
The next weekend will hopefully come very soon!

Art from Teagan White

I would like to introduce you the wonderful world from Teagan White. Her Art feels like a hot chocolate in the Autumn. So warming!
Shop her on and have a look at her website
I could buy… like… EACH of her peaces!



Autumn is here!
The leafs aren’t colored yet, but there are so many other things about September I really enjoy:


Spicy Roasted Cashews


2 lbs Raw Cashews

¼ cup Extra Virgin Oil

1 Tbl Finely Chopped Fresh Rosemary

1 Tbl Salt

2 tsp Hot Paprika

2 tsp Cracked Black Pepper


Preheat your oven to 200°C

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Spread the raw cashews out over the baking sheet one layer thick (not any thicker).

Bake for approximately 7-9 minutes or until they’re slightly golden brown. Your nose will be able to tell you when they’re ready.

In a small saucepan, melt the oil.

Turn the heat to low and add the seasonings.

When the cashews are finished in the oven, transfer them to a large bowl, pour in the oil and stir until all the nuts are evenly coated.

Serve warm in a bowl.

Time: 15 minutes

Sweaters and Longarmshirt!


I really like the change in the weather. The cold fresh air and the wind in my hair.
And it’s the season for new Jumpers, Sweathers ans Longsleevepullovers. Time for some shopping!
I’m really into ESprit and edc right now. Good value and quality!

Milk, Cookies and Granola!


How I love Milk!
How I love Granola!
How I love Cookies!
And Autumn makes this 3 things even better!
I really enjoy a cup of hot milk with a spoon of honey or a bit chocolate.
It gives you very sweet dreams when you take one before go to bed!
These are just some little Autumn things…

At the moment, Autumn feels like dark blue. But I know, as soon as the leafs start coloring themselfs, everythings feels orange, brown and red! Really looking forward for October!

Happy Autumn everybody!



Hello September
Welcome back!
I really missed you and I’m glad you are back.
It’s nice to know, that your pleasent fresh air is back very soon.
I’m looking forward to see your colorful dress and smell the unmistakable scent.
The days with you in the nature, especially in the forest, are wonderful!
Hello September.
Welcome back!



I had some really bad luck this summer.
First, the very bad stomach flue and right after that I broke my leg.
During this time, some mad man burgled in my home.
Now, 9 weeks later, my foot is back on the track, my home is clean again and I see a light on the horizon.

The last 9 weeks where a challenge for me.
Of course it was kind a nice to stay at home and don’t have to go to work.
But mostly it was just sad and I was alone.

BUT I could do at least some things I couldn’t if that had not happened.
I met a lot of the people I have not seen in years and there where a lot of good
and lovely moments with them. I’m very thankful for that!

And there is another thing about the accident.
I learned how much I love it to walk, hike and even run!
I started to jog again, although I used to hate it.
Sometimes life’s funny in an very ironic way.

Tomorrow I go back to work.
I don’t look back. I just want to have and see good times, and maybe buy some flowers.



I could only laugh.
My stomach went well and I finally can enjoy my life and I do it!
But then, I was on my way to the river to swim with a friend.
And what happened?
I’ve broken my foot!

I could only laugh.
I have been missing a month at work just recently.
And now I hobble around with a plaster and crutches and and will be away from work for at least two weeks. My boss had to laugh too…

But it’s interesting to see how difficult the everyday life is now!
kinda exciting although laboriously.


Hope you’re well. Enjoy every day! It’s summertime!


I’m back at work but I’m so full of summer feelings and energy that I have to do something every evening.
I relieved some friendships in my holidays and now, I meet them as much as possible. If we sit in the garden and drink a beer, enjoy the sun an jump in the river, we have so much fun together. The second one is my absolutely favorite and I did it a lot in the last few days.

Here in Bern you have the perfect wide and turquoise river.
The flow is very strong at the moment but it’s so much fun.


How much I love this city!

It was the perfect start in the summer and it goes on! Enjoy every minute of it!


I had an amazing day with my good friend.
She is such a wonderful, crazy, lovely women and it’s always a great time! We hiked to a castle from Basel, Switzerland to Lörrach, Germany in about 4 hours. The weather was pleasant changeable and and even if I forget the sun cream, I only burned my neck (and a few brain cells).

It’s always wonderful to see people you can’t meet very often.


What about you? Maybe there is a person you should meet again and just have a good time. go for it!


I enjoy my holiday as much as I can.
Last week, we went to a wonderful little canyon which impressed me a lot. It was like a magical place very near to a big city.


A nice birthday party in the mountains with family and a lot of new faces was the perfect saturday evening. (To) Much to eat, drink and be happy about.

The lazy sunday gave me the possibility to read a whole book in a day. I don’t know when I was able to do this the last time. Wonderful!

Happy new week everybody! Let’s make the best of it!


My holidays started very well and I’m enjoying every minute of it.
I was a bit too hasty with the food, which caused me a lot of pain. I always think, ah, there’s no pain at the moment, means everything is good, let’s try some sweets. Should it know better… But you’ll come to a point you just really want to eat something you couldn’t for weeks. If I had not to eat, everything would be ok.

But I used the passed two day’s to catch up with my family.
First, my father. I could not resist and shopped by a chocolatier to buy the favorit sweets of my father.


Of course I ate some of them and you already know what happened.
But we had a wonderful evening together and i slept over to have a lovely and healthy brunch today in the morning.

In the afternoon I had the change to meet my grandmother.
We have not seen each other for a very long time but it was just wonderful and emotional.
After this day, I was full of good energie and went to my yoga course which could not tame me.

It’s so lovely to know that there are people who stand by your side and distract.
I’m very thalkful these days!

Enjoy your evening!

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